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Buo-nan Guan(Main Library)
Library II

Introduction to Our Library

1. Goals:

.To meet the current educational needs and to carry on the long term development of the University.

.Book is for use

  • Every book its user
  • Every user her/his book
  • Saving user's time
  • Library is a growing organism ~ Ranganathan ~

2. Brief history & Services:

  The Library was set up in 1965, when the school was established. To date it has been all automated and connected World Wide Web (WWW). Our library is dedicated to meet the needs of the "Information Age" not only through the traditional print sources of books and journals, but also through the new technologies of computer and electronic information dissemination. Our library services have been entering the new generation of E-services now.

  The book stacks are open-shelf. The library currently offers the following user services : self-study seats, books circulation, reference services, A-V media, library user education, self-served photocopy, on-line public access cataloging, electronic databases retrieval, reference transactions, e-Learning, interlibrary loan services, and all staffs are and will make all efforts to accommodate their reasonable requests for the patrons with disabilities.

3. Collections & Holdings

  The various types of the library collection have more than 494,839 volumes of prints and ebooks; over 59,660 prints and ejournals ; over 16,169 pieces of AV documents and around 235 on-line databases.

4. Facility

  The library contains Multimedia Area including: individual seats of cable TV, DVD & VHS, group AV room, Internet & electronic sources retrieval seats, special collections room, discussion rooms and self study areas.

5. the Library Associations/Cooperation of participation

Library Staffs

Library Staffs
Name Staff Tel
Shu-Li Cheng
Shu-Li Cheng photo
Director of Library
Librarian of Serial Publication Services
Shu-Chen Chen
Shu-Chen Chen photo
Librarian of the E-Resources & Reference Services
Huei-Shian Shie
Huei-Shian Shie photo
Librarian of the Circulation Services 2633
Chih-Yun Chang
Chih-Yun Chang photo
Librarian of AV Multimedia 2634
Chia-Ying Wu
Chia-Ying Wu photo
Librarian of the Acquisition Services、Web Designs and Safeguards Service 2632

Open Hours during the semester

Open hours during semester breaks and term break, we will announce on the webpage and the entrance of Main Library.Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the periods of examinations, semester breaks and term break.

Open Hours during the semester
Location/Time/Week Mon-Fri Sat Sun
Main Lib B1、1F
Books & Serial Area

08:20 - 19:30

(The midterm and final exam weeks:
08:20 - 21:00)

The school calendar single weeks and midterm and final exam weeks

11:00 - 18:30

The midterm and final exam weeks

11:00 - 18:30
Main Lib 2F
Digital learning Area
Main Lib 3F
Arts Corridor
Main Lib 4F
Study Area
Library II B1、2~4F
08:20 - 17:00 closed closed